"I had the privilege to work with Laura Mcleod during her time with the Washington Permanente Medical Group communications team. As board chair, I relied on Laura to both advise, create, and edit communication plans and content for our 1000+ member multispecialty medical group. Laura brings a wonderful mix of talents including her ability to help others tell their story with an authentic voice. If there is any additional information I can share in support of Laura please feel free to reach out to me directly."

"Laura has the skills, the intellect, and the capacity to learn. She's an exceptional talent and was a valued team member on all of her projects. Highly respected and valued by her colleagues, she is an excellent candidate for future management and leadership positions."


  • Roy Feiring, Communications Group Supervisor, Snohomish County Public Works

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Snohomish County

Please reach out to talk about work, life, the universe and everything. 

TEL: 206.778.3791

EMAIL: laura@laurakmcleod.com

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Washington Permanente Medical Group


I love learning about and furthering human potential, exploring new ideas and places, the energy that comes from creative partnerships and collaboration, and creating something new. Behind everything I do is a desire to leave the world--and the workplace--better than I found it.

​You can learn more on the following pages or send me a message.

I'm Laura McLeod
Communicator . Consultant . Writer 

By nature and by nurture, I'm a communicator, and through years of experience, I've cultivated an extensive toolkit. What fuels me? Simply (besides coffee): Making a difference, connecting, learning, and growing.


Communicate, connect, change.

"The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates​

I'm a savvy communicator with a broad background, a wide range of skills, solid EQ, and marketing sense. I'm passionate about connecting people and building awareness for issues that matter.  

I cut my proverbial chops at ad agencies and PR firms, and I've worked for local government, non-profits, and major corporations.

As a life coach, I honed my natural ability to observe, listen, read people and situations, and ask the right questions at the right time--skills I find highly useful at work. This depth and breadth of experience ensures I'm able to contribute to your organization in just the right way. 

Comprehensive strategic planning focused on your business objectives, with expert execution and follow-through, makes all the difference.​

Here's how I add value:  

Leadership. A trusted advisor, I take a big-picture approach to problem-solving. I'm a skilled observer, with the ability to listen well, build trust, shape, empower, inspire, and coach.   

Experience. I'm a seasoned professional who's worked in both public and private sectors; on internal, external, and executive communications; with corporate, government, and non-profit clients; in advertising and PR firms, B2B and B2C; in a variety of settings. I follow trends but bring fresh ideas to my projects. I think strategically with your goals and audience in mind, using a bevy of tools to connect, influence change, and solve problems.

Skill. My extensive background includes strategic planning, creating campaigns, crafting messaging that resonates, managing projects, navigating change, and developing content online and off--and so much more. 

Savvy. Perceptive and insightful, relationships are essential to my work. I have a knack for connecting with people from various backgrounds, with a high level of cultural competence and emotional intelligence.  

Varied. My broad client and industry background informs my work, from which I draw inspiration when approaching complex problems. My curiosity led me to explore various industries, among them healthcare, technology, maritime, food and agriculture, environmental sustainability, hospitality and entertainment, retail and tourism, and arts and culture.   

Passion. Diving in to solve problems energizes me. Making an impact. Creating opportunities for connection and fun. It's a thrill to connect dots and bridge gaps through shared experience and storytelling and meet people where they are--figuratively or literally.  

Jargon-free. Lastly, while it's occasionally appropriate, jargon is rarely effective, and I aim to avoid it whether writing or talking.

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