"I had the privilege to work with Laura Mcleod during her time with the Washington Permanente Medical Group communications team. As board chair, I relied on Laura to both advise, create, and edit communication plans and content for our 1000+ member multispecialty medical group. Laura brings a wonderful mix of talents including her ability to help others tell their story with an authentic voice. If there is any additional information I can share in support of Laura please feel free to reach out to me directly."

"Laura has the skills, the intellect, and the capacity to learn. She's an exceptional talent and was a valued team member on all of her projects. Highly respected and valued by her colleagues, she is an excellent candidate for future management and leadership positions."


  • Roy Feiring, Communications Group Supervisor, Snohomish County Public Works

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Washington Permanente Medical Group


I love learning about and furthering human potential, exploring new ideas and places, the energy that comes from creative partnerships and collaboration, and creating something new. Behind everything I do is a desire to leave the world better than I found it, and to ensure that others feel seen, heard, and valued.  

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Laura McLeod
Connect . Communicate . Change 

By nature and by nurture, I'm a communicator. Through years of experience, I've cultivated an extensive toolkit. As a consultant, writer, change maker, and thought partner, what fuels me is connecting, listening, learning, and making a difference.



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"The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates​

I'm a quick-start, savvy communicator. I observe, listen and learn, make connections, and make things happen. My broad background in communications, marketing and coaching is foundational to creating meaningful results. I call myself a pragmatic idealist -- I believe in what's possible, driven by purpose and values, while remaining grounded in practical solutions and real-world impact. . 

I cut my proverbial chops at ad agencies and PR firms, and I've worked for local government, non-profits, and large and medium-sized public and private corporations.  


I don't need a road map. I'll be your thought partner and together, we'll chart a course to get you where you want to go. Projects or problems are like puzzles; you may have a picture of what it looks like, but no clear path to get there. Together, we'll innovate and create a plan to get there,  ​

What I love most? Connecting people, solving problems, and creating awareness for issues that matter.


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