"People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around... " - Terry Pratchett, novelist

One of my childhood memories is appointing myself as neighborhood reporter: I hand-printed "stories" about the happenings on my block, drew a few pictures, photocopied the pages and then went door-to-door and sold them to all the neighbors. Thankfully, they obliged or my writing career may have ended there. 

I took creative writing in high school, business writing at my community college and wrote countless papers for my liberal arts program and subsequent writing classes. But I didn't start writing professionally until working at an ad agency, where I wrote internal news stories for employees and ad copy for small business clients. 

Stories are how we connect, whether in our personal or work lives. Much of my professional writing is and has been as a corporate communicator (public relations and marketing), writing stories for a variety of audiences. Over the last few years, I've also sharpened my editing skills. I've edited countless corporate documents, manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction), scripts, pitch letters, personal biographies and profiles, and so much more.

Here's how I can help you with writing or editing projects, whether to persuade, inform, or engage: 

  • web and blog copy (for external or internal audiences)

  • e-newsletters and e-books (targeted or general) 

  • publications, from catalogs to programs 

  • marketing / promotional copy (business to business, business to consumer, business to community)

  • personal stories

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, e.g., internal communications/employee engagement that wasn't made public, send me an email and I can provide samples. Below find samples from my work at a credit union, in healthcare, and for a local community newspaper focused on connecting local and global environmental issues. 

Seattle Credit Union blog

Actively Northwest / Healthfeed - Living LifeWise blogger for LifeWise Health Plan - health, food & fitness (a few samples below)

Ballard News Tribune - "Green My Ballard" monthly columnist (print and online): Awareness building about the environment through a local lens. A sampling of headlines can be found below (new links coming soon).

Blog - Here you'll find my observations, thoughts and insights about work, life, and more.

While not as current, here are a few of my favorite work projects, each with a writing component: 

Snohomish County Focus on Farming Initiative: Successfully expanded County Executive Reardon's farming initiative to encompass community outreach, and focused marketing and PR efforts on targeted and general public audiences; expanded the annual farm conference (event management, collateral production, wrote and edited copy, marketing and PR) to include general public: 

  • "Did You Know" campaign (conceptualized, wrote, edited, produced campaign and collateral) - "Did you know" brochure, 2007

Seattle Center: Developed the Festal brand and helped cultural communities navigate marketing and PR challenges and city systems.

  • Brochure, 2005 (conceptualized, wrote and edited copy, created tag line)

Interested in writing support? I can help you develop your concept, craft an outline, draft a story, write a press release, blog post or FAQ, edit your bio or book - really just about anything you want. Send me a message and let's talk. 

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