Who I am

What fuels me (besides coffee...)? I love learning about people, places, and how "we" work, and the energy that comes from creative partnerships. I'm passionate about human potential. I love connecting with people, creating new possibilities, and helping others live life better.

Professionally, I cut my proverbial chops at ad agencies and PR firms, and I've worked for local government, non-profit arts, and major corporations. Coaching sprang from a desire to make a difference, coupled with my natural ability to observe, listen, and read people and situations. You can read more about my work on all the other pages. 

Personally, I've navigated some stormy seas, and come out richer for it. Coming from a family that succumbed to countless lifestyle challenges, my interest in wellness started early and underscores everything I do.   

Key learnings: Experience taught me that lifestyle almost always trumps genetics (and science is proving it) and that what we believe about ourselves and our place in the world - conscious or not - is often what shows up for us. I've learned that finding something to laugh about can get us through the hard stuff. I've found the best answers come from within, and that what we create when we collaborate can be powerful.

A few things I believe in: 

  • celebrating our small successes as well as our big ones, and finding #joyinmoments

  • inclusion and personal courage; we can't fully know a person's experience until we walk in their shoes (which, truly, we can't ever really do)

  • authenticity, integrity--and grace (along with intuition and vulnerability); we can each make a difference in the world by living fully and being who we are (I've always loved the quote, "In our sameness we connect, in our differences we grow" {V Satir})

  • that people and planet are as important as profit

  • that large bodies of water are healing, whether we're on them, in them, near them

I feel pretty passionate about making the world a better place. Let me know how I can help you. 

Questions? Feel free to send me a message