Who I am

My love for writing started early, beginning with journals and school papers and expanding to workplace 'memos' in my early career. But when I landed at an ad agency as an account services admin, I took on the company's internal newsletter, which led to some copywriting for a small client. That's when I realized I could write for work. 

What fuels me (besides coffee...)? I love learning about people, places, and how "we" work. I've both studied and experienced a lot of life and I've navigated some stormy seas - and come out richer for it. I also love the energy that comes from creative partnerships. I'm a solid proponent of the three Ps: people, planet, profit.  

Professionally, I cut my proverbial chops at ad agencies and PR firms, and I've worked for local government, non-profit arts, and major corporations. Practice areas include food and agriculture, maritime, travel and tourism, hospitality and retail, arts and culture, entertainment, and more recently, healthcare and wellness. Writing spans countless topics, formats, and styles. Coaching sprang from a desire to make a difference, coupled with my natural ability to observe, listen, and read people and situations. Formal training gave me better tools to ask compelling questions. 

Personally, I'm passionate about human potential. I love connecting with people, creating new possibilities, and helping others live life better. I'm motivated by experiences and the desire to live an experiential life. My interest in wellness goes back many years and underscores everything I do. Physical activity, nutrition, local food, connection to community and each other, as well as emotional and intellectual development are key areas of exploration. I'm drawn to large bodies of water, beaches, marinas, boats and most things maritime. It's my 'go-to' when I need to problem solve, play, or just be.

Experience has taught me that lifestyle almost always trumps genetics (and science is proving it) and that what we believe about ourselves and our place in the world - conscious or not - is often what shows up for us. I have triumphed over my share of challenges, and empathy and compassion are central to who I am. I've learned that finding something to laugh about can get us through the hard stuff. I've found the best answers come from within, and the synergy we create through collaboration can be more powerful than competition.

I believe in celebrating our small successes as well as our big ones. I believe in inclusion and personal courage. I believe we can't fully know a person's experience until we walk in their shoes (which, truly, we can't ever really do). I believe in authenticity, integrity - and grace. I trust my intuition and give myself room to be vulnerable. And I believe we can each make a difference in the world by living fully and being who we are. I've always loved the quote, "In our sameness we connect, in our differences we grow".


I feel pretty passionate about making the world a better place. 


Questions? Feel free to send me a message