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Who I am

"Happiness, not in another place, but this place; not for another hour,
but for this hour." - Walt Whitman

What fuels me? Simply (besides coffee): Meaningful contribution, connection, learning, and growth.

I love learning about people and what drives us, exploring new places and ideas, and the energy that comes from creative partnerships. I'm passionate about human potential, making connections, creating something new, and contributing in ways that matter. Behind everything I do is a desire to leave the world better than I found it.

Professionally, I cut my proverbial chops at ad agencies and PR firms, and I've worked for local government, non-profit arts, and major corporations. My coaching skill comes from my natural ability to observe, listen, and read people and situations (coupled with training).  

Personally, I've navigated some stormy seas and come out richer for it. I believe we all have more to learn, and that we must:       


  • celebrate small successes as well as big ones and find #joyinmoments 

  • courageously show up as our authentic selves, for ourselves and others 

  • understand we're better together; inclusivity and equity mean all of us, not just some of us 

  • offer grace and forgiveness; we're all on a different path and segment of our journey 

  • trust our guts and operate with integrity

  • put people and planet on par with profit (at least)

  • take care of ourselves, and each other, in whatever form that takes

I'll leave this page with a final favorite quote: "In our sameness we connect, in our differences we grow." (Virginia Satir)

Questions? Feel free to send me a message


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