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A few words from coaching clients... 

"Laura and I worked together at Premera Blue Cross for over six years. During that time, I counted on her advice and ability to bring a new perspective to challenges I couldn't move beyond. She was a terrific partner in organizational communications and culture change and has great intuition about people and situations. Laura is smart, creative, passionate, and professional, and I can't think of a career better suited to her than helping others." 

  • Dana, senior manager, internal communications / employee engagement

"Laura is an exceptional listener. Her questions are thought-provoking and powerful. She has a gift in helping uncomplicate what seems complicated. It is easy to see that her life experience has a great value in how she shows up as a professional coach. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who is facing a major transition in their life."

  • Katherine, CAD designer / mother of two teenagers


"Working with Laura was extremely helpful during my work transition. I was offered tools and ways of thinking that were essential ingredients to move to the next career steps. I will encourage others to seek out this approach if they are struggling with similar life transitions. It was a valuable process."

  • Erin, health policy consultant

"Thank you for walking this path with me. I see you as an effective and empathetic coach. I am more present, intentional and less reactive, and I can see situations from a different angle."

  • Jim, woodworker, Tai Chi instructor

"Laura made it very comfortable for me to talk about my life and be open and honest without feeling judged in any way. She gave me specific and direct feedback so I was able to think differently and come up with my own solutions. My life continues its ridiculously fast pace but I feel all the better prepared because of our sessions." 

  • Dustin, financial consultant


"Working with Laura was a great experience. She listened to me and helped me realize where I was heading, clarifying what I'm looking for with work and family life. She seemed to be able to see into me and understand what's going on, which helped me prioritize my thoughts." 

  • Jim, telecom technician, sailor

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