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Coaching: How it works (the fine print)

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours..." - Richard Bach, Illusions

The coaching process begins with our first conversation. When you meet with me, it suggests you're ready for something to be different. To see if coaching is right for you and have your questions answered, contact me to set up an initial 30 minute conversation (phone, Skype or in-person). 


Because so much of this work can be done via phone or online, location isn't a barrier. If we agree to work together, I'll send you a questionnaire to help you clarify what you want to achieve that also gives me clues as to who you are. Next, we'll spend an hour, maybe two, in a 'discovery' session (by phone, in person or on Skype) where we'll dive into your responses. From here, our coaching plan will include weekly 30-minute (approximately; calls vary between 20 - 50 minutes) phone or Skype conversations. I ask for a minimum initial commitment of 12 weekly sessions (with 24 recommended for maximum impact). Coaching rates vary and packages are available (including pay-what-you-can options for those with limited resources). 


Please note that coaching differs from therapy in its approach: while there can be some overlap, coaching looks at creating fulfillment, balance and process, with an emphasis on moving you forward. Regardless of your circumstances, coaching holds that we are all whole, resourceful, capable and creative.  


By entering into a coaching agreement with me, you're beginning a transformative process. Here are a few things to consider.


  • Coaching is a dynamic, synergistic process that can help you achieve goals, build self-esteem, create work / life balance, identify new skills or opportunities, deal with a crisis or loss, facilitate a change, manage a transition, and so much more.

  • Coaching is a partnership. You're the expert in your life; as coach, I help you achieve the outcome you're looking for. It's also a business agreement that includes a written contract but may function differently than what you're used to with other service providers. It's personal, yet professional, and built on trust and a willingness to be vulnerable. Unlike consulting, you're accountable for your success - with my commitment to help you get there.

  • As with any smart business plan, we'll measure progress. Each agreement and each session has a process.

  • Coaching is always about your goals and desires. I listen, ask questions, notice patterns, habits, beliefs, challenge assumptions, and more. With the exception of a weekly check-in form, tools, action items and "homework" vary by client and are driven by your needs, preferences and learning style.

  • Please note that coaching is an "unfolding" process, and doesn't always happen in the way or timeframe you expect, despite a stated objective. A lot of the "work" gets done between sessions, and the work often continues once the partnership ends. Regardless, you won't be the same, and you will benefit. Note that sometimes, a goal stated at the beginning of a coaching relationship may change over time and as values and desires become more clear.

  • During a session, I request your permission to ask the hard questions. Know that I may interrupt, and when I do, I'm not being rude. I may ask you to stretch beyond your comfort zone or challenge you in some way; you're welcome to counter offer but I invite you to consider the possibilities.

  • I'm committed to always being professional and ethical; I'm also committed to bold questioning, transparency and authenticity, noticing without judgment, acting with integrity in every way, trusting my - and your - intuition, confidentiality, injecting fun into the process when possible, and sharing the journey as you move forward in whatever direction you're headed.



If you're still curious, here's a HuffPo Live video featuring, among others, Invite Change president Janet Harvey. "Coaching gives us back to ourselves."

If you're ready to get started and we have an agreement, you can pay via my account. Otherwise, you can return here to my coaching landing page.

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