"Nothing happens by chance, my friend... " - Richard Bach, author


I work with clients one-on-one, but my coaching skills also serve me well as a consultant, communicator and writer.  

Why work with a coach? 

I'm stuck... I don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life... I don't know how to get through this... I know there has to be something more... I'm on the verge... How do I prioritize...  What do I do about... I have lofty goals but no idea how to achieve them... I don't know where to go from here... 

If any of these questions or statements sound familiar, or there's something similar pervading your thoughts, then coaching may be for you. To date, I've helped clients manage career transitions, move through grief, make big life decisions, see their circumstances differently, get beyond their limitations, and so much more. 

Coaching is a transformative personal empowerment process - the beginning of a journey, not necessarily a destination. A key premise of coaching is that we are all whole, capable, resourceful and creative. Working with a coach can help you access resources long forgotten or you didn't know you had, navigate life's twists and turns or get unstuck, refine your decision making, or proactively move your life in the direction of your dreams - in work, life, love, loss or achieving greater wellness.*

Here's how I can help

Navigate. Coaching can help you navigate transitions on the winding journey that makes up your life. A coach/ client relationship is a safe environment from which you can identify goals, explore your deepest desires, delve into challenges, reconnect with who you are at your core, shine a light on what's next, and chart your course.  

Listen. My job is to listen deeply to help you gain awareness about where you're putting your attention, and to help you align where you are with your values and desires. What stories are you telling yourself? What habits have become limitations? What words are you choosing to use?  

Clarify. No topic exists in isolation, and a good coach is nothing if not inquisitive. Good questions can help you see beyond the edge of your awareness to access "what you don't know you don't know," and clarify what's most important.  

Prioritize. You may know you want a different result but how to do that isn't clear. Maybe you're not sure what your choices are, how to choose, or what choices you've been making without realizing it. If you feel disconnected, had to compromise, or do what was expected because responsibilities demanded it, coaching can help you reprioritize your choices to eliminate what drains you and have more of what inspires you. 

Empower. Coaching empowers you to create the life you want while uncovering whatever's getting in the way of living the life you long for. I'll help you design actions that are both meaningful to you and sustainable.

Why work with me? 

Personal experience. My lifelong study and practice of personal growth methodologies, spiritual practices, social constructs, health and wellness, in addition to extensive life lessons and experience and my strong intuitive sense, can work to your benefit.  

Professional experience. Changing perceptions and/ or behavior is the rationale behind much of my work in marketing and communications, and the skills I developed here are amplified in coaching for your personal growth and empowerment. Over many years, I have consulted, mentored, managed, and coached individuals in professional settings.  

Training and credentials. I completed my training through Invite Change, a professional coach training program accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF). This vigorous 16-month vocational program was both experiential and academic, and resulted in my certification from the ICF (see box for their Code of Ethics).  

What coaching isn't

Coaching isn't a substitute for therapy or mentoring, although occasionally, there's overlap. Please see my How it Works page for more information. 

Ready to explore coaching? Send me a message

*I work with clients on achieving overall wellness from a holistic perspective; if you need a dietician, nutritionist, or specific types of healthcare or body work, I am happy to offer referrals. 

Int'l Coach Federation (ICF)

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