"Nothing happens by chance, my friend... " - Richard Bach, author

I work with clients one-on-one, but even more, I use coaching in my communications and consulting work. Through coaching, I refined my ability to ask thoughtful questions, listen, and synthesize what I see, hear, and experience.   

Considering 1:1 coaching? It can help if:   

  • You feel stuck, unsure, but know you want something different 

  • You know what you want, but don't know how to get it

  • You set goals but struggle to achieve them

  • You sometimes (often?) feel overwhelmed, unsure, unclear

  • You're juggling competing priorities and can't get traction on any one thing

  • You're afraid of change but know you must

  • You don't know why you do what you do, nor your underlying "why"

  • It feels like everyone else has found their passion or purpose but you haven't 

  • You want to know what makes you uniquely you 

We all land in these places at some point, and usually, more than once in our lifetimes. I certainly have. If anything here sounds like you, then give coaching a try. Know that there's nothing to fix, only more to discover.  

To date, I've helped clients have better relationships, find new work, cope with loss, move through grief, make big decisions, change their mindsets, navigate twists and turns, clarify decisions, view things differently, unearth the "stuff" that keeps them stuck, take positive steps forward, find greater wellness*, and generally get to the root of any of those queries above.  

Above all, coaching is transformative. Through coaching, you'll tap into inner resources you didn't know you had, and potentially uncover beliefs, patterns, or habits that hold you back. You won't do a deep analysis, but you will learn new perspectives and create road maps to move forward.  

Here's how I can help

Navigate. Coaching can help you navigate transitions on your ever-winding life journey. It's a safe place to identify goals, explore desires, dive into challenges, reconnect with your core, shed light on what's next, and chart your course.  

Listen. My job is to listen deeply, watch for blind spots, check your focus, and help you align your values and desires. Are you caught up in a "story"? What habits limit you? What words do you use?  

Clarify. A good coach is curious. Good questions help you see what you can't see--that "what you don't know you don't know" place and clarify what's most important.  

Prioritize. You know you want a different result but how to do that isn't clear. Coaching can help you assess and reprioritize your choices to stop doing what drains you and do more of what inspires you. 

Empower. Coaching empowers you to create the life you want while uncovering what gets in the way of what you long for. Together, we'll design actions that mean something and that you can stick with. 

Why work with me? 

Professional experience. I got my coaching credential in 2014, but some would say I've always coached. Changing perceptions and/or behavior is also what makes marketing and communications work. Throughout my career, I've consulted, mentored, managed, and coached individuals in professional settings.  

Personal experience. I've made a lifelong habit of studying personal growth and development, society and human potential, and health and wellness. That, along with some intense life lessons and a strong intuitive sense, adds depth to my work. You can read more about the life lessons that qualify me to coach on my blog.  

Training and credentials. I completed my training through Invite Change, a professional coach training program accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF). This vigorous 16-month vocational program was both experiential and academic, resulting in certification from the ICF (see box for their Code of Ethics).  

What coaching isn't

A key premise of coaching is that we are all whole, capable, resourceful, and creative. Coaching isn't a substitute for therapy or mentoring, although occasionally, there's overlap. Please see my "How Coaching Works" page for more information. 

Ready to explore coaching? Send me a message

*I work with clients to achieve overall wellness from a holistic perspective; if you need a dietician, nutritionist, or specific types of healthcare or bodywork, I am happy to offer referrals. 

Int'l Coach Federation (ICF)

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